About NKFI

The National Kidney Foundation of Indiana’s mission is to prevent kidney and urinary tract disease, improve the health and well being of individuals and families affected by these diseases and increase the availability of all organs for transplantation.


The National Kidney Foundation was established in 1950 to support kidney patients and their families. 

The National Kidney Foundation of Indiana, Inc. (NKFI) was founded in 1970 to better serve Hoosiers by raising awareness about the dangers of kidney disease, funding research, advocating for kidney patients, and developing programs to make life better for kidney patients and transplant recipients.  

Since the early 1990s, NKFI has made prevention a primary focus.  The Computerized Assessment of Risk Evaluation – C.A.R.E. program was based on identifying and educating family members of kidney patients of their high risk for kidney disease.  This program was adopted by the NKF national office and developed into an international program, Kidney Early Evaluation Program – KEEP.  Currently, NKFI realizes the importance of prevention and/or early intervention and partners with the Indiana State Health Department and Managed Health Services to provide a prevention screening to the people of Indiana.

Currently, in the 2000s NKFI continues the fight against kidney disease and promotes organ and tissue donation and transplantation. NKFI has a three-prong approach with services to patients and transplant recipients; education and awareness for the general public; and continuing education for medical professionals.

Board of Directors

Casey Enzor, President
Nancy Baird, MD, President-Elect
Andy Arrendale, RN, BSN, CCM, Vice President
Mary Liddell, Vice President
Lori Bryant, MBA, Treasurer
Bethanne Johnston, RN, MSN, CPNP, Secretary
Amy Wilson, MD,
Medical Advisory Board Chairman
Jane Estes, Immediate Past President

Denice Damerau
Bob Donaldson
Jill Dusina, MPA
Kenneth Ewing
Islam Ghoneim, MD
Mahendra Govani, MD

Suzie Hedrick, BSN, RN
Deepak Jasuja, MD, FCCP, FASN
Dennis Mishler, MD
Jason Thomas
Jessica Tower
Curtis Warfield, MS

Honorary Board

William H. Dick, MD 
Richard J. Hamburger, MD 
Stuart A. Kleit, MD


Margie Evans Fort, Chief Executive Officer
Joy Araujo, Development Specialist
Noni Hoham, Development Operations Manager
Sarah Field, Development and Volunteer Specialist
Ashley Meyer, Office Manager
Janine Moore, Deputy Director
Patricia Ogbonna, Accountant
Brandon Spice, Program Manager

2023 Annual Review

Whether it is freezing in the cold, rainy elements to participate in a parade to take the message of kidney education to the general public; or rising early to pack up a truck, drive 30 miles and then unload the truck while rushing to be set up for kidney campers to arrive; or spending the week in the woods in cabins with children who don’t want to sleep but want to enjoy an amazing week that they experience only once a year; the sacrifices that volunteers and staff make to meet the mission of the National Kidney Foundation of Indiana, (NKFI) Inc. often goes untold. The impact of those sacrifices is felt by thousands across Indiana through the programs and services of NKFI. The 2023 Annual Report is a summary of NKFI programs and services for the year. This report could not possibly cover all the behind-the-scenes work and sacrifices that it took to have the impact exhibited in these pages. However, the leadership of NKFI knows and would like to express appreciation to all who have worked, sacrificed, and assisted in serving kidney patients and transplant recipients in the Hoosier state. Thank you so much and know that many benefit with not just great experiences, but education to live well with kidney disease, assistance with paying debts, food insecurity, transportation, and so much more. However, the impact of NKFI is YOUR impact.

Amy Wilson, MD — NKFI Medical Advisory Board Chairman
Casey Enzor — NKFI Board of Directors President
Margie Evans Fort, MPA — NKFI Chief Executive Officer

Annual Reports

Financial Statements and Form 990