the big ask, the big give: The first steps to transplant webinar

Are you or someone you know in need of a kidney transplant? Unsure how to get the word out, or even how to bring up the subject with anyone? We can help!

THE BIG ASK: For people with kidney disease, asking someone to consider donating a kidney can seem impossible. Many won’t get a transplant because they don’t know how to ask or are uncomfortable with asking. NKFI provides suggestions and tips on how to start a conversation about the possibility of donation.

THE BIG GIVE: The decision about whether to donate a kidney can be daunting. People considering living donation have many questions about what’s involved. NKFI offers factual, unbiased information addressing common concerns and support in making the decision.

Honoring Our Past — Preparing for the Future

2020 marks the 50th anniversary of the National Kidney Foundation of Indiana (NKFI). From our humble beginnings on the back porch of attorney Claude Spilman to having multiple offices and the ability to serve the entire state of Indiana, NKFI is proud to serve Indiana. We are so grateful to the many donors, volunteers, board members, medical professionals, businesses, and supporters who have made this possible.

As part of our 50th anniversary, we have launched this website to better serve the people of Indiana. We will be extending the site over the next few weeks to add additional information and resources for patients and their families, health care professionals, donors and volunteers, and the general public. Please check back regularly to see our latest updates!

Coronavirus—What You Should Know

People with kidney disease and transplant recipients are at higher risk for developing serious complications from COVID-19. The best way to protect yourself is to avoid being exposed to this virus. We’re here to listen and support you during the COVID-19 outbreak. Find answers to the most common questions and stay informed about the latest coronavirus developments. 

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